sábado, 10 de maio de 2014

Rebels leave Hims in ruins; Syrian army enters

Hims became the capital of the revolution and suffered the longest siege of the war tactic used by the regime to annihilate the rebels, considered the principle, as extremist guerrillas. But the militiamen that they have joined the opposition strengthened, leaving, however, the people starve of essential goods. The agreement was signed on the sidelines of the Geneva Summit, which ended in failure in February. For the scheme, this is a media and symbolic victory. The rebels knew that don't leave alive and intend to gain strength to fight elsewhere in the country. If the recovery of Homs marked a turning point in the war, did not finish at all with her. At the time of the evacuation, the hotel Carlton of Aleppo, bastion of pro-Government soldiers was the target of an attack that caused 14 deaths.

The hope that Bashar al Assad let power, ceding to the revolution, is increasingly remote. In less than a month from presidential elections, denounced as a farce by the opposition. However, critics of the regime cannot organize or join. Assad continues alone to his campaign visit to children victims of the war.

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