terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2014

Juncker receives more support in order to keep the Commission Chair

Jean-Claude Junker will start negotiations to obtain the post of President of the European Commission.

The center-right candidate received, this Tuesday, the support of the Conference of leaders of European Parliament's benches.

The rival Socialist Martin Schulz agrees with this decision, having said that "the results of the European elections show that the candidate of the European people's Party (EPP), Jean-Claude Juncker, is the winner and therefore has a better chance of getting a majority of votes in the European Parliament to be appointed President of the Commission".

Already the British Eurosceptic Nigel Farage stated that "there is no one more fanatic about the construction of the United States of Europe, but the voters have made it clear that this is the wrong direction."

Despite the great reinforcement of anti-euro brigades in the European Parliament (EP), Juncker should count not only with Socialist support, second most voted, but of other moderate parties like the Liberals, who were in third.

But the leader, Guy Verhosftad, has conditions: "I advocate a stable majority, bringing together more than 400 members, but not including people of parties such as Hungarian Prime Minister Orban or of Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi".

If Juncker get the EP on your side will be a strong asset to convince also the European Council, which brings together the heads of State and Government.

But just when you're definitely formed the new groups will clear the composition of Parliament, which will convene in the first session on July 1.

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