quinta-feira, 15 de maio de 2014

Turkey will review legislation to curb accidents in mines

The head of State of Turkey promises to make every effort to prevent accidents like Tuesday's turn again.

Abdullah Gul visited today the sum, the biggest mining disaster stage the country where called for unity of the population to overcome this difficult moment.

The inhabitants called for help to the Turkish President to rescue workers who are still trapped inside the coal mine. According to the last balance sheet the accident caused at least 282 dead.

"As in developed countries, Turkey must minimize this type of disasters or, simply, make cease to happen. We need to review our legislation and regulations and to take measures to prevent in the future "refers to the Turkish President.

Security measures were reinforced to receive Abdullah Gul a day after the visit of the Prime Minister. A reception marked by slogans against Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The speech of the head of Government ignited tempers of the population and the visit has just finished earlier than we expected.

A photographer captured the moment when an adviser to the head of the Turkish Government attacked even one of the inhabitants.

Working conditions in the mines in Turkey returned to the agenda. This Thursday, the country is on strike and reports of several demonstrations that have led to clashes with the forces of law and order.

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