domingo, 11 de maio de 2014

Ukraine: polling stations opened for unofficial referendum

At issue is the independence of the two regions vis-à-vis the central Government. However, the legality of this vote is a problem.

In Sloviansk, security forces the orders of the Government of Ukraine, captured an armed group that was in possession of more than 100 thousand ballot papers already scrutinized with the cross in the "Yes". The ballot papers would be intended for the separatist referendum in Donetsk region. The vote is scheduled for this Sunday and extends also to the region of Luhansk, also in the East and a bastion of antigovernment pro-Russian forces.

Preparations for the two referendums have continued, though, with normality, with the interim President, Ukrainian Alexander Turchinov, warning, inclusive, that an eventual decision to both regions for administrative separation would be as a step toward the abyss.

In the ballot of one of these referendums, for example, ask if the respective inhabitants are in favor of the creation of a self-proclaimed independent Republic of Donetsk. The legality of these votes is, however, concerned. Some of the key European leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande, consider these separatist referendums in Eastern Ukraine illegitimate.

In Luhansk, the referendum is awaited with anticipation by some inhabitants, despite the region being largely dependent on subsidies from Kiev, in this suffrage a way to sever ties with the central Government of Ukraine. "I'm going to participate in the referendum for independence of Luhansk. For our money to stay here and not go to Kiev, "confesses Lulia Dorohova, resident in Luhansk.

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