sábado, 31 de maio de 2014

Ukrainians support the army with Treasury bonds

Each title costs 62 euros and has a fee of 7 percent in two years.

The President of the Central Bank, Olekxandr Turchinov, gave an example.

The Olympic athlete, Yulia Dzhima, and the coach of Dinamo Kiev, Serhiy Rebrov also flocked to banks:

"I think every Ukrainian soldier is missing anything. When you're not at home, in conditions as severe, as they are, you need products and medical care, "said the athlete.

Serhiy Rebrov supported the initiative, why do you think the moral support is not enough:

"It is very important, they can feel our support-not just moral support, but also financial. I want you to know that there are people to support them. I hope that soon there will be peace in our country ".

The remuneration you get half of any other financial application, Ukrainian banks.

So are called "bonds".


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