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Celebration of 70 years of d-day attract thousands of tourists

HER: Yes indeed, Olivier is decorated with the colors of the American, British, Canadian flags depending on the beaches where the allies landed. There are also posters with the following sentence: "we all have 70 years" and met an American tourist who said he really felt his heart, very close to that line. The museums are full, there are a large number of tourists, restaurants, hotels are complete. On the roads of Normandy saw military vehicles of the era: jeeps, with drivers dressed in period costumes, which belongs to collectors from all over the world, from France, Belgium â€" where they are numerous, England also. There are even Russians who came by Jeep from Moscow.

2-Laurence, in recent days, found many veterans, including Americans, Britons and Canadians. What represents for them be there?

LA: this ceremony is unique because, in fact, may be the last time that many participate in an anniversary like this, and because of this the emotion is huge. What they feel is a lot of joy very proud for being here, they always have a small tear in the corner of my eye that, obviously, is due to the memory of fallen comrades on the battlefield. Tourists gather to express great enthusiasm for these veterans were expected in Normandy. Take pictures with tourists, people embrace us. we saw a group of three Americans a sing-song of the 40 years, the man told a joke and said that I couldn't tell the whole story because he was worried about his 90 years. Have however fear that there is a new war. They say that they were sorry that their sacrifice has not been used so that Europe and the world have peace. "

3-the celebrations have attracted a lot of French and foreign tourists, how do you explain it?

HER: well, I must say that this is an exceptional year as at the end of June in Sarajevo, there will also be the 100th anniversary of the war of 1914 and I think in times of crisis people hold fast to these values conveyed by these young soldiers who liberated France and Europe. There are many tourists, especially Americans, who told us how important it was for them to honor the memory of the dead. Also expected in Normandy, between June and September, 400 events within the framework of the celebrations and a total of 8 million tourists.

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