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Highlights of the celebrations of d-day

There are 70 years since dawn in Normandy was not so emotional: the 6:30, the Veterans of allied forces who landed on d-day in Normandy, inaugurated the statue to the heroes and comrades who opened the long way to the end of World War II. Would last even another year. In one day, 2500 Americans died.

The War Memorial in Caen, the French President, François Hollande, starred in a tribute special to the felt and 20 thousand civilians who died in Normandy and the people who helped rescue who needed.

The President stressed the popular effort Hollande:

I want to stress the solidarity of the Normans in this proof. There was a farmer who didn't give a shelter to those who needed it, not merchant desimpedisse the door and abrice the store to provide what you had, not the atelier abrice joiner or priest who didn't open a church to give a shelter that often proved a curse when the grenades from howitzer to reached.

Then, the French President traveled by helicopter to the American cemetery, where the u.s. President received to, together, pay tribute to the more than 20 thousand soldiers killed in Operation Overlord â€" code name of the battle of Normandy.

On the first day fell 4,400 allies and many thousands have continued to die within three months. Only in this way it was possible to reach Paris and liberate the city from the nazi yoke.

President Obama thanked the efforts of soldiers:

"No matter how the world may seem cynical, we have no doubt that the courage and kindness are possible, the names of Wilson, Harry and Rock, which are here today and who I ask for a round of applause, will not be forgotten, as all veterans of d-day ... Please stand up and acknowledge it one more time. These men made war for us to have peace, they sacrificed themselves for our freedom, they put all their hopes on the horizon, a day he didn't have to fight. "

The Presidents of France and the United States gathered to follow, on the Hill in front of the Beach of Omaha, remembering those who paid with their lives.

However, in Bayeux, the French Prime Minister, Manuel valls, thanked the British counterpart David Cameron and Prince Charles, with his wife, Camilla, the participation of soldiers from the Royal British Legion and their sacrifice.

Bayeux was the first city in the continent to become free. Was the 50 British Division managed the day June 7, almost without a battle.

After the ceremony, the senior dignitaries were at the Commonwealth cemetery, near the Cathedral of Bayeux.

Many veterans (who still walk by your foot, but are weakened by age) were taken, for Scouts in wheelchairs for not getting tired. Hard and gay veterans who went to see his Queen deposit a wreath at the memorial. Isabel II chose a coat color of hope, of a green wide open. The sky, clean and sunny, contrasts with what you remember there are 70 years, which was rainy winter, cold and bloody.

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