segunda-feira, 9 de junho de 2014

Lisbon: A mile of music for five hours

The initiative "on stage" takes place in 13 stages, three of them outdoors, between Praça do Município and Rua da Boavista, all free access.

The three outdoor stages are located in Praça do Município, where António Zambujo sings and their guests, in the Largo de s. Paulo, setting for the performance of the Best Youth, and d. Luís square, in the old post office building, where they operate the Domino.

According to Leonor Days, in charge of the event, "on stage", inspired by the "street which is the highest stage".

The other stages are installed in different spaces in the Rua Nova do Carvalho, the Auditorium of the technical school of image and Communication Applied (ETIC) in Piazza d. Luís, in the elevator of the spout, and art galleries.

With António Zambujo Act on the stage of Town Hall Square, Ana Moura, Luisa Sobral, Miguel Aguilar and the Singers Ranch the village Nova de s. Bento, consisting of 30 voices.

This space will be displayed a "spectacle" and "live drawing videomapping" inspired by the music of the concert. In Paços do Concelho in real time will be drawn images that tell stories.

With Lusa

Photo: Rita Carmo/

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