terça-feira, 24 de junho de 2014

Resignation of Helena Costa: "is a woman", justifies the Chairman of Clermont Foot 63

The Portuguese fired technique from Office the day before, before we even have begun to train the French football club.

This Tuesday, at a press conference the coach not widened in justifications about its decision â€" that says stick with "personal" reasons â€" but guarantees have explained their reasons to the Director of the Club, the "unique" who must be held accountable, he said. Helena Costa said still continue to have confidence in your work and in your abilities.

By all indications, Olivier Chavanon, the Athletic Director of Clemont Foot 63 began preparation of the season without talking to Helena Costa. According to the site MaisFutebol coach have to sense away from decisions and have been complaining about the behavior of the Athletic Director with the President, but Claude Michy won't have taken appropriate measures.

In may, the coach had made the headlines of newspapers â€" including the New York Times â€" when you signed with the iconic French second division team, becoming the first woman to drive a professional male football team in France.

After the announcement of the resignation of Helena Costa, Tweeter social network registered a flow of sexist comments, of which we have here some examples:

Anyway it is better for her a woman will never have authority over a man #HelenaCosta

#HelenaCosta has changed her mind. Typical woman ��

#HelenaCosta was not agree with Clermont staff for the date of resumption of training, because in July, it balances!

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