quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2014

Russia revokes right to Putin to intervene militarily in Ukraine

With only one vote against, the Federation Council-the upper House of the Russian Parliament â€" the President revoked the right to intervene militarily in Ukraine â€" authorized law in March.

The vote was held at the request of the Russian President. A strong diplomatic gesture, well received by Western partners.

Vladimir Putin also called for extending the cease-fire beyond Friday. Proposed by the Ukrainian President, the truce seems to be not be respected.

Ukrainian military television images, for example, shows a field of separatists in Krasny Liman, near Donetsk, taken on Tuesday by the forces of Kiev.

The leader of the separatists already had signed this Tuesday that Kiev violates the cease-fire and demanded, to Russia, sending blue helmets.

The Ukrainian authorities, for their part, speak of "massive violations" of the truce by the separatists, who have carried out more than 40 attacks since last Monday.

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