sábado, 21 de junho de 2014

Ukraine: Armed Forces with difficulties in equipping soldiers volunteers

In the capital now there are other volunteers to collect equipment, which follows every week to the battle fronts. Roman Khanin, responsible for the Organization of some of these submissions recalls that "the State now gives the Ukrainian military a weapon, a bed and sometimes a bullet-proof vest. Anyway 300 soldiers can only receive 100 vests. "

The spokesman for the Ministry of defence, Bohdan Senyk, recognizes the weaknesses of an army that wasn't ready for a conflict of this kind. "The bullet-proof vests were not used in service so far. Only the national contingents in peacekeeping missions and the National Guard used. Many were not necessary "emphasises Senyk.

Anyway, the Ministry of defence ensures that in the coming days 25 thousand v ests will be delivered to the army. To buy Kiev authorities relied on the donations arriving from all parties: since the most common citizen to the Ukrainian millionaire. 8 million euros have already been donated to the army of the country since the beginning of the conflict.

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