terça-feira, 3 de junho de 2014

Ukraine: Army Launches strong offensive in the region of Donetsk and Lugansk

The Ukrainian army has launched a massive offensive in the region of Lugansk and Donetsk, after the separatists attack pró-russos the base of border guards in the city of Lugansk.

According to international agencies, Kiev's forces are bombing several rebel checkpoints.

In the town of Slaviansk, Donetsk region, in the last few hours there is heavy fighting, among the various columns of tanks and armored vehicles of the Government forces and the insurgents pró-russos.

In the fighting on Monday in the border guards base 50 kilometers from Lugansk, at least five people died and about 20 were injured.

In the city centre, in a local administration building, which was occupied by rebels since the start of the conflict, there was an explosion that caused at least 7 dead. The pró-russos separatists blamed the Ukrainian air force for the attack, but several videos posted on the internet show that it was an error of his own rebels: a mortar that was fired against a plane eventually burst into the building.

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