sexta-feira, 20 de junho de 2014

Ukraine signs an association agreement with the EU to 27 June

The same as the previous President, Vitor Ianukovich, refused to sign, launching the chaos in the country, as Poroshenko was keen to point out: "we have been waiting for this a long time Agreement. That's what millions of Ukrainians expect and why I have struggled over the last six months. I'm sure that will take place next week. "

Next week is also when the new head of diplomacy of Kiev â€" Pavlo Kilmkin, whose appointment received this Thursday, the green light from Parliament â€" must submit, to the European Union, the peace plan of Poroshenko, which proposes a unilateral ceasefire of Kiev, for the rebels to lay down their arms.

Moscow spoke of a "good deal" but calls for negotiations with the separatists. At the same time that NATO says that Russia mobilized thousands of troops to the border with Ukraine.

While the fighting continues in the East of the country, the OSCE announced, also on Thursday, have been able to establish contact with its observers, missing since the end of may, that are all "safe and sound".

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