domingo, 8 de junho de 2014

Ukrainian President faces major challenges

But on the ground the problems persist. Since the election of Poroshenko that Government forces have stepped up operations against the separatist rebels but, in some cities, some people continue to want the separation:

"We do not follow the same path that Poroshenko. It is impossible to the East and the West together, especially after Kiev to support the death of people in Slaviansk and Kramatorsk. I think that the East and the West cannot stay together, "says Lilia, an inhabitant of Kramatorsk.

"What's going to happen? I really don't know. We expect the best, no doubt, but we'll see, "Vitaly vents, also inhabitant of this town.

In Donetsk, Maxim Petrukhin, Advisor of one of the leaders of this self proclaimed Republic, was shot to death Saturday. Are unclear the circumstances that led to this murder or if the target would be Petrukhin.

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