segunda-feira, 14 de julho de 2014

And the 6th night Israel wouldn't rest

The only light you see in the conflict in the Holy Land continues to be, as almost always, the bombs. The voices that call for a cease-fire are muffled by the sound of explosions.

News agencies, the most repeated phrases in recent days are: "it was the bloodiest day", "the deadliest attack". Saturday was no exception:

To eliminate the Hamas police Chief, Taysir Al Batsh, Israel killed close to 20 people. The balance of the journey is more "at least 54 Palestinians dead," according to AFP. More than hundred and a half for the past six nights.

The Ambassador of Palestine to the United Nations still believes in the possibility of a "resolution" if Israel did not listen to the call for a return to "the ceasefire agreement of November 2012". But, as far as the UN Security Council managed, after two days of intense negotiations, was to issue a statement in that appeals to "end the escalation of violence".

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is expected to be discussed today by the heads of diplomacy of the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany, on the sidelines of a Summit in Vienna on the Iranian nuclear.

The night was also marked by clashes between young Palestinians and Israeli forces in Bethlehem and Hebron in the West Bank, but also in East Jerusalem. Three people have been injured by gunfire, according to Palestinian sources.

The sirens were sounding in Tel Aviv. Hamas launched, for the first time, long-range missiles over the city. The projectiles were intercetados by the anti-aircraft defense system "Iron dome".

Hundreds of military vehicles and approximately 30 thousand Israeli reservists are on standby for a possible ground offensive in Gaza, which could start this Sunday. In this sense, the Radio said the Palestinian population to abandon some areas in northern Gaza Strip.

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