terça-feira, 8 de julho de 2014

Ashraf Ghani ahead in Afghan elections

According to preliminary results, is Ashraf Ghani who will be elected new President of Afghanistan.

Although partial results do believe that victory goes to this former World Bank Executive, but his opponent Abdullah Abdullah does not accept the outcome. Promises to challenge the elections of 14 June day and says there was fraud.

Ghani had 56.44% of votes, a lead of 13 points over Abdullah Abdullah. The numbers can undergo changes until July 22, the date on which the final results will be published.

Abdullah Abdullah is a personality different from Ghani: While the announced winner made a career in the halls of the World Bank, the opponent has made a career of guns blazing: was a anti-Taliban fighter. Tajik mother and pachtun father, Abdullah Abdullah is supported mainly by Tajiks in the North of the country, while Ghani, an ethnic pachtun, has the support of the Hutu majority, thick in Afghanistan.

The alleged rigged elections had already been indicted and was the target of demonstrations by supporters of Abdullah Abdullah. If the dispute continues, there are those who predict a ethnic conflict or even a secession.

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