sábado, 19 de julho de 2014

Berlusconi absovido no case "Rubygate"

A decision that nullifies the conviction in the first instance, to seven years in prison and prohibition of political activity pronounced in June 2013.

The judges of the Court of Milan recognised the defence arguments that Berlusconi was unaware of the age of the young Ruby, as well as the alleged lack of evidence that would have interceded with police to free the young model after a RAID.

Justice may also introduce a new feature of the decision involving the case more newsworthy against "Il Cavaliere", related to the famous "bunga bunga" parties, Berlusconi's residence, with the participation of the then minor, Ruby.

Endorsed by more than 13 court cases since his first election in 1994, the former Prime Minister was so far only convicted of tax fraud, with the penalty of four years in prison to be converted into community work in a nursing home, once a week, every Friday.

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