sábado, 19 de julho de 2014

Ukraine: separatists want to send black boxes from flight MH17 to Moscow

Pró-russos rebels of Eastern Ukraine claim to have recovered the two black boxes of the plane from Malaysia Airlines that crashed yesterday in the region with nearly 300 passengers on board.

So far about 121 bodies have already been recovered from the rubble.

Many questions persist about the causes of the crash, apparently caused by a missile. Kiev and Moscow trade accusations over responsibility for the action, at a time when the international community, and in particular Washington, require an immediate ceasefire in the region and the opening of an urgent investigation to sinister.

The pró-russos separatists announced that they are going to allow "safe" access to the scene at the OSCE international research teams, after they recovered most of the navigation data of the appliance. According to an official site, the rebels would have recovered 8 of 12 data records of the appliance. Some sources claim that the separatists wanted to send the black boxes to Moscow to be examined.

The device, a Boeing 777 that was traveling between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur, crashed on the outskirts of Hrabove, about 40 kilometres from the Russian border, in a sector controlled by Ukrainian separatists.

The plane carrying 298 passengers on board, the majority, about 154, of Dutch nationality, as well as 28 Malaysians, Australians, 27 11 Indonesians, six Britons, four Germans and four Belgians, among other nationalities.

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