quinta-feira, 3 de julho de 2014

France: Ex-President Sarkozy made defendant for corruption

Never a French President had been detained for questioning. Nicolas Sarkozy eventually walk free after responding to the authorities for more than 3:0 pm, but returned home in the condition of defendant on suspicion of active corruption, trafficking in influence and breach of secrecy of Justice. Sarkozy has used his influence to know details of the investigation to the irregularities in the financing of the campaign in which the Conservative leader was elected President in 2007.

The French Prime Minister assured however that this is not a political process against Sarkozy and that "nobody is above the law". The Socialist Manuel Valls â€" as the President Francois Hollande â€" recalled that "the presumption of innocence is valid for everyone".

The imputation of Sarkozy naturally dominated the front pages of French newspapers. "Sarkozy: the shock wave," headlines the conservative newspaper Figaro.

On the streets, the French are divided: some people believe that this is a political process to "prevent Sarkozy to present in 2017" and that if that is the case, consider the accusation "outrageous". Critics claim that "the man who would revolutionize the France, which was going to retire so that there were no more injustices" see now in a "shameful situation for him, for his party and for their friends."

Sarkozy's lawyer and a magistrate have also been made defendants in a process that could not have arisen at a worse time: Sarkozy prepared to race to the leadership of the UMP, considering the 2017 presidential. Now, risks up to 10 years in prison if the case goes to trial.

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