sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2014

Conflict in Iraq increases friction between Shiites and Kurds

Iran increases the military presence in Iraq, alongside the Government, on the offensive against Sunni rebel advance.

Three Sukhoi 25 aircraft, officially known as the Russians, would have been sent to the country by Tehran, according to analysts.

The three aircraft that landed this Wednesday in Baghdad would have thus circumvented u.s. sanctions, at a time when Tehran and Washington sent over a hundred military advisers to the country to coordinate the battle against the armed group Islamic State.

The front of the battle is now in Tikrit, former stronghold of Saddam Hussein, where fighting continues between rebel forces and the army.

In Kerbala, in Shiite area, there is news of 45 dead during clashes between the army and a radical Shiite group, at a time when the military and political situation reopen divisions in the country.

The Shiite Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki left a message yesterday to the Kurdish autonomous Government in the North of the country to take advantage of the situation to expand their territory, at a time when local authorities do not seem determined to withdraw from the city of Kirkuk-resumption recently to the fighters.

The Kurdish territory protected by peshmerga fighters became in recent weeks in the only area in the North of the country to resist the rebels, being the fate of thousands of refugees, who accuse the Iraqi army have defected several cities.

Al-Maliki also announced yesterday an amnesty for fighters to leave the guns, alerting neighbors to the threat that constitutes the "Islamic caliphate", proclaimed by Islamic Group a few days ago.

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