quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2014

Gaza suffers intense bombardments

The Israeli military campaign against Gaza continued overnight Tuesday.

Israeli planes dropped bombs on the area of Shaaf in Eastern Gaza.

During the day, the air strikes have caused among the population at least 26 dead, according to Red Crescent officials.

The Israelites were to achieve power symbols of Palestinian militants in an offensive that already stretches for three weeks.

Israeli sources also stress that the attacks are aimed at reaching Hamas command centers as well as stockpiles of weapons and rocket launchers.

The offensive on Tuesday reached a television station and several local radio stations, as well as government buildings.

The only power plant in the territory was also achieved what aggravates the situation of residents grappling with a crisis which worsens day by day.

Israel for its part refuses any liability for damage caused to the power station stating that the damage was caused by Palestinian-made ratchets.

Still believes in Israeli-Palestinian peace process?

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