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Tour 2014, Vincenzo Nibali: "I worked hard for this victory"

Had to go back to France on the head and, for more than once, said a day would win. Became the "Tour", an obsession? None of this. On the contrary. Tried to look for the "Tour" without pressure and runs it with serenity, relaxed. Last year, also participated in the "Vuelta" (to Spain) and lost it in the last week, finishing second. In the end, we need to learn to accept defeat, we also accept seconds or third parties. Is so and this is cycling.

What does it mean to you to be one of six cyclists in history to have won all three Grand Tours to bike? It's something special and particularly because there are only a few people did. Around Spain (2010) was the first major victory and gave me really. Then I started to work hard for the "Giro d'Italia" because for an Italian that's a very important race. I finished on the podium (2011) and able to touch lightly on the success, caresses him and falling in love with him. Finally, last year, won the back to Italy and, for me, it was a great emotion because the "Cute" is the race I've always dreamed of and that I used to see on TV. Via great champions like Induraín or Pantani, always running the "Giro". The return to France is also a spectacular race and when I arrived, in 2012, the last step of the podium, I said to myself: "who knows, one day, I can win." Knew it wouldn't be easy at all, but I worked hard to try and achieve this triumph. It wasn't easy, but now I can say: ' that's it, I got it. '

What I would say to those who think that only won because the Froome and the Accountant had to give up? Unfortunately, this is also cycling. Is a sport made of falls, made of good and bad things. It's part of the game. I can tell these people, however, it was strong. From beginning to end. I won in England, in step York-Sheffield. After I won in La Planche de Belles Files, in the Alps and the Pyrenees. Soon, I was always in optimal conditions. I did, certainly not a "Tour" of great level.

Looking at the standings, there's a big difference between the Nibali and the rest of the platoon. This difference arises from the fact that, in my mind, the main goal was to fight with Alberto Contador, and with Chris Froome, with whom he had already competed in the "Critérium du Dauphiné" (8-15 June this year). I knew I had to keep working to reach a higher level and I got here, the "Tour", well prepared. Maybe, with the Counter and Froome in evidence, the difference had been any shorter. But last year, in the "Giro d'Italia", won with a breakthrough.

The expectations were huge. The Astana gambled much itself and the results, this season, were not to appear. The team started losing some patience, but Nibali it seemed relaxed in the middle of the Pack. He felt safe with his preparation? Is normal. Last year, I did a season of "top". From the beginning until the end. I got good ratings in two major stages races and that's not easy. I almost won two Grand Tours in the same year. Later, I participated in the World Championship and it is normal that during the winter, free me up a bit. In February, my daughter was born and I dedicated myself to the family. I gained some weight, but I got the right power July. Only took me a little longer and I was ready a little later.

Now, is the most requested platoon and cyclist will receive, certainly, many offers. We can keep seeing him with the colors of the Astana until 2016, when the contract ends? I still have two years left on her contract and I'm still here. The Astana team was built just for me, so I'm going to continue with them until 2016.

Next year, the bet is to win the Tour. There is also the desire to show that it is capable of winning Froome and accountant, Quintana and everyone else? My ambition is to try and equate me to them. Always. Of course, we have to prepare well the races, I mean, the big races by stages, which for me are the most important. We have to be in the best condition possible. Last year I faced too many times the counter and Froome, and managed to beat them. Then, of course, there are years in which we have won and others in which we lost. It is normal, this is sport.

A good image for the Astana

With Froome and counter in proof, what would have changed on your strategy? We tried to be competitive throughout the race, always attempting to extend the advantage to the other cyclists and if the possibility of winning a stage, 'd stung them. In particular, we wanted the last stage in the Pyrenees to prove that Nibali was the best in the "Tour" and to leave our mark. They were all devastated, but they did their best to last.

Watching from the outside, it looked like Nibali pedaled as Vinokúrov when running. Feel his influence on the team? Sit down, of course, but Nibali, as champion, has an easy-to-manage mentality. The team's strategy is the motivation. We can say that the pedal a bit to my Nibali style, but he's Vincenzo Nibali. I never won a back to France, I never lived this experience and the fact that he won with our team, well, this is the most beautiful that ever happened.

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