quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2014

Flight MH17: USA require Russian intervention to help the accident investigation

The United States accuse Russia of not being to give all the support necessary to research the crash of MH17 flight in Eastern Ukraine. After a meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister, John Kerry lamented that international investigators have not yet reached the crash site controlled by separatists pró-russos: "the area must be insulated. The evidence must be preserved and Russia has to use the influence they have with the separatists to help research that is essential. "

The US Secretary of State called for the end of the fighting near the scene of the accident. Responsible for Kiev diplomacy ensured that the Ukrainian authorities are making every effort to ensure that the investigation is carried out under the best possible conditions. Pavlo Klimkin considers that "it is a matter of human dignity. The bodies must be recovered from the crash site and all objects that belonged to the victims should be given to family and friends. "

It is recalled that the flight MH17, which connected Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, fell to 17 July. On board the Boeing 777 of the Malaysia Airlines travel 298 passengers, a large part of Dutch nationality.

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