quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2014

France opens door to Christians of Mosul

In a joint statement, the French Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius, and Interior, Manuel Valls, said: "we are in constant contact with local and national authorities to ensure that everything is done to protect them."

A oxygen balloon for Christians faced with a death sentence.

This is because the rebels of the Islamic State, which now govern large areas in northern Iraq, imposed a deadline for Christians convert to Islam and pay taxes or face death.

Many houses were marked with letter "Ù†", equivalent to the letter "n" in Arabic, the word begins with "nasrani" (Christian).

The variety of lapping options a religious cleansing of Christians in the community reduced Iraq, estimated at about three thousand people.

Without much leeway, many eventually leave the city of Mosul leaving behind personal effects. The families have sought shelter in Iraqi Kurdistan or in protected areas by Kurdish forces.

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, condemned the treatment given to Christians and instructed a Committee of Government to help the homeless, but didn't raise the veil in relation to the army's attempt to regain control of Mosul.

The city houses one of the oldest Christian communities, but their number has declined gradually since 2003.

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