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Hasni Abidi, "is more advantageous (for Hamas) reject peace proposal"

The conditions imposed divided the Palestinian people themselves, in particular the military wing and a political wing. But Hamas is deaf to everything and everyone and persists in his iron arm logic to the account of the suffering of his own population. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, threatens:

"The announcement of the Israeli occupation from the end of the armed struggle, one of the two parties, it means nothing to us nor have any value for Hamas. What we require is not the end of the fighting, but the end of injustice against the Palestinian population of Gaza. "

Since it seized power in Gaza, Hamas presents itself as unique and reliable interlocutor of the people, without giving rise to that other movements to express the popular will. Becomes indispensable, as if it were the only group able to defend the interests of the Palestinians of Gaza against the occupation of the enemy.

But the strategy of force caused the stampede of some allies of Hamas. Since the election of general Al Sisi, in Egypt, relations with protective ex-potência became strained.

The Egypt agreed to open the border crossings, on time, and only to provide aid to the population. For decades, the tunnels of Rafah served to aprovisonar the militias of Hamas, but also the logistics of the Palestinians in General, for all construction and trade.

Even isolated diplomatically, Hamas has a lot of military force. The missiles and roquetes arriving from Iran and Syria and its refined sophistication sends them each time closer to the heart of the enemy.

The State of Israel, which bombards in force, mostly with drones, wasn't ready for an intervention on such a scale. The considerable number of civilian casualties will result in an increase in the escalation of war and become a breeding ground for radicals on both sides. In this context, Hamas has nothing to lose.

Interview to understand the motivations of Hamas, spoke with Hasni Abidi, a specialist in the Arab world.

Euronews â€" more than 200 dead in a week, a high level of destruction. Why does Hamas in a new war? What are the motivations of the movement?Abidi-Hamas is trying to take advantage of the escalating violence on both sides. The extremist side is thinking clearly in the political capital. For the movement is more advantageous to reject the peace proposal than accept it. Hamas will emerge strengthened from the political point of view, while trying to lift completely the blockade. But, more important, ultimately undermine your partner, the Palestinian Authority.

Last night, the Israelis destroyed the houses of four Hamas leaders. For a week, Israeli forces bombed Gaza. The movement responds with the launch of roquetes. Where Hamas will get this resilience? The balance of forces clearly favors Israel, but Hamas has surprised everybody, including Israeli military. I believe that Hamas has already prepared for this for a long time. We believe that in the last two years, especially after the fall of Morsi, in Egypt, Hamas understood that the international situation is favorable to the movement. He lost all his allies and it was important to be prepared for a rainy day, for a confrontation with Israel. It is, however, evident that maintains strong links with former sponsors like Iran.

Let's talk, then, support for the Hamas: given the current situation in Syria and in Iraq, we can say that the Islamists of Hamas are stronger? As you know, the Palestinian jihadists, Islamic Jihad or Hamas are an emanation and their national struggle is national. It is very difficult to have links with the international Jihadist movement taking into account what is happening in Syria and in Iraq. However, the performance of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant gives ideas, especially the ' Islamic jihad '. How they think that the Arab States have lost strength and that nothing can do for your cause, it was necessary to act.

A Hamas leader said recently, speaking of a possible Israeli ground operation that resistance dream about it and that Gaza will be your graveyard. In his opinion, given the number of victims and the destruction, thinks the Gazans continue to support the position of Hamas? Most Gazans want to end the violence and reach a durable ceasefire, above all, with the conditions that are already known: the reopening of borders, the end of the blockade and the release of prisoners. It is important to underline, that the inhabitants of Gaza are limited because the Hamas is not only a political movement, but it is also a military organization, an economic structure and that after the departure of the Palestinian Authority the day-to-day life of the population is set by Hamas. Therefore, and despite everything, there is almost a fusion between the inhabitants of Gaza and Hamas, of course, because there is no other perspective. Especially when the only point of passage with Egypt is closed, it becomes very difficult for the people rebel against Hamas.

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