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Gaza revolt against the war and some people refer to Cristiano Ronaldo

The youth activist group called Gaza Youth Breaks Out (translated literally: "Gaza Youth breaks free"), refers to the Portuguese Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in a macabre to shock the world. The goal is to try to draw maximum attention to a conflict that since July 8, has killed more than 220 Palestinians and left more than 1500 wounded.

The revolt among inhabitants of Gaza City is up against both sides. Underlined by the ceasefire proposed by Egypt-country that borders, in Rafah, with the conflict zone, which had recetividade by the Israelis, but which was rejected by Hamas, the Islamic organization that controls the Gaza Strip.

Hamas fired a rocket from Gaza today and severely damaged this house in Ashkelon. #IsraelUnderFire pic.twitter.com/SRrnzoG1Sv

The bombing remain innocent and continue to die. This Wednesday, at least 23 Palestinians have been victims of a new series of attacks from Israel to the North of the Gaza Strip, in response to alleged roquetes launched by Hamas into Israeli territory.

One of our teams of reportage in Gaza City residents heard some. The saturation and the revolt are natural. "This war is just hit innocents. I don't see any interest in this conflict continue. We want to have a decent life and we want an end to the Israeli blockade so that the people of Palestine â€" which has been deprived of everything â€" you can just live once, "says a Palestinian.

Another, younger, reveals that, contrary to what happens for example in Tel Aviv, in Gaza, "there is no safe haven": "civilians are targeted and they are the very people who have to look for a shelter. We are a people surrounded and overwhelmed. We need your help. That's enough to humiliate the people of Gaza. "

A third of Gaza Palestinian claims that "lack a genuine peace initiative." "One that responds to our calls so we can live because this is not live", applies.

The Gaza Youth Breaks Out in the campaign that has been intensifying against this war, "triggers" in all directions. The group, which is expressed through a blog and social networks on the Internet, points the finger at those responsible for continuing the bombing, in particular the Israeli defence forces.

Israel targeted a cemetery today. They want to kill peoole twice! Via Yahyaisme<p>â€" Gaza Youth Break Out (GazaYBO) 16 julho 2014

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