terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2014

Israel shows iron dome reporters

"The missile defence system iron dome has been a great success to save the lives of Israelis, with an intercept of 90% rate in Tel Aviv", said Colonel Peter Lerner.

Ashkelon, seven kilometres from Gaza, is one of the cities that are in the midst of this war of nerves:

"Since July 8 were fired 65 missiles on Ashkelon and more than 35 were intercetados by the iron Dome," explains Alan Marcus, responsible for strategic planning in this town.

But, beyond all the protective measures, implemented by the Israeli authorities, the population continues to fear for life:

"I'm worried and afraid. I want this to end as quickly as possible. Are you listening? This is what we hear all the time. Haven't even had our first date at the garden because we know that 30 seconds are not sufficient to run to a shelter. Children feel anxious, so we stayed inside all day, "complained a mother, Ravit Lowe.

"The Israeli Government wants to show that it can protect the citizens of the shots of the Hamas, which the bombing are not a threat.

Today we are witnessing today, several attacks, with bullets in the town of Ashkelon, unsuccessful due to iron dome ".

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