terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2014

Kiev accuses Moscow of being responsible for the slaughter to AN-26

The slaughter of a cargo plane, this Monday, carrying eight occupants, and the circumstances surrounding the incident, the Ukrainian authorities raised a number of issues.

Ukrainian President met with those responsible for the security of the country. The UN ensures that there are 12 thousand numbers of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine. Kiev throws accusations about Moscow:

"It became clear that the plane was shot down at a height of 6500 ft. The type of projectile launchers that are used by the rebels have no capacity to shoot down a plane at a height of, which means that the AN-26 was shot down by a powerful weapon that was used, probably, from the territory of the Russian Federation, "said the spokesman for the Ukrainian Security and Defense Council.

This Sunday the Ukrainian army will have broken the siege of the airport of Lagansk, but the rebels put up images on the internet of an alleged attack on a military vehicle in Kiev, that is, the situation remains tense in this town.

This Tuesday the diplomatic contact group, created to help resolve the Ukrainian issue, must hold video-conferences with the separatists pró-russos.

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