terça-feira, 22 de julho de 2014

"Massacre" in a neighborhood of Gaza

A two-hour truce in Gaza were not sufficient to remove player the wounded and the dead zones bombed by Israel.

The Shijaiya area was the target of several attacks, part of the population fled, those who remained received support of emergency teams but the time was not enough to remove all the wounded.

The Euronews reporter realize end of truce: "it's the end of the ceasefire, we heard the sound of explosions, people say that we need to move quickly."

"It's not a two-hour ceasefire, we don't have time to take all of the wounded here. Just pulled a small number of people. There are many more, and many were killed. Two hours of truce is not enough to evacuate all locations. We ask God to extend or renew the ceasefire to save other people. "

The attack on the Israeli Army perpetrated in the suburb of Gaza Shahaiya, killed about a hundred Palestinians and 13 Israeli soldiers. More than 200 people were injured.

Hamas announced the kidnapping of a soldier in Hebrew but the side of authorities Talavive the abduction has not been confirmed.

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