sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2014

Mexico: children and adults lived in shelter where they were abused

Police and soldiers raided the House, known as "La Gran Familia", founded in 1947, after the authorities have received more than 50 complaints, some parents who ensured that the shelter refused to return them their children:

"Babies born at the shelter were registered in the name of the founder of the same, as a way to prevent the biological parents could your guard or take decisions about children, it was guaranteed that, when reached adulthood could break," explained, at a press conference, Thomas Zerón de Lucio, in charge of the criminal investigation division.

The shelter, where the occupants were living in deplorable conditions, was administered by Rosa Verduzco, who has now stopped.

According to the Mexican authorities the children were asking for alms on the street, fed up of spoiled food and slept on the floor. Some suffered sexual abuse.

The funding came from donations, companies and public entities.

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