segunda-feira, 28 de julho de 2014

Situation in Gaza ignites protests of "Jerusalem Day" in Europe

Thousands of people demonstrated, this Friday, in various cities of Europe to mark the Quds day ", the day against the occupation of Jerusalem, imposed by Iran in 1979.

The protest featured, for the first time, with a record participation, inflamed by the situation in Gaza.

More than 2,000 people protested in Brussels against the Israeli offensive, a March, framed by the police and with the express prohibition of appeals to hatred and flags of groups considered terrorists, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah.

"This is not a war between Hamas, the Palestinians and Israel. It is a genocide. What's happening in Gaza is a war genocidiária. Are killing not only the natives of the region, but also civilians, "said a pro-Palestinian protester.

In Germany, about 1,200 people marched in Berlin, with slogans against the bombing in Gaza and the Israeli Government, dismissing the charges of anti-Semitism that Kindle, in recent days, the debate in the country.

The German Jewish community also organized two contra-manifestações in the capital.

"We are here to defend the right of existence of Israel, currently problematic. We cannot continue to treat the country as a ' bogeyman ' when it is not solely responsible for the current situation, "said a protester.

The protests have been marked by a moment of tension between pró-palestinianos and pró-israelitas, in the Centre of Berlin, quickly contained by police.

The United Kingdom and Austria were also the scene of demonstrations to mark "Jerusalem Day", when they are marked new protests against the Gaza offensive, this weekend in several European cities, as in Paris, where authorities were banning the protest for security reasons.

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