segunda-feira, 28 de julho de 2014

12:0 humanitarian ceasefire comes into force in Gaza

Israel and Hamas agreed to the request of the UN, but ensures that Israel will continue to search for tunnels used by Palestinian movement to reach its territory.

On the 19th day of conflict the United States Secretary of State, to visit to the region, led international efforts. For John Kerry, who has been meeting with the Arab League and the UN Secretary-General, in Egypt, we must go further:

"Right now we are working to get seven days of peace. Seven days of a humanitarian ceasefire on behalf of Eid. To bring people together and trying to work for a cease-fire more durable and sustainable in the long term ".

The Israeli authorities confirmed the death of two more soldiers in Gaza, bringing to 37 the number of victims among the effective army, and announced that the missing soldier in an ambush, for six days, is dead, although his body has not been found.

There is still mourning the deaths of three civilians in Israel, hit by roquetes launched from Gaza.

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