terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2014

Demonstrators marched in Brussels

Thousands of people shouted words of protest against Israel. The March attracted the support of unions and of many people from all over the country.

The police intervened when some youths tried to set fire to an Israeli flag.

The authorities estimate that approximately five thousand people have participated in this demonstration

A Palestinian mother, Houda Remlawi, asserts itself on the side of the Palestinian mothers who lose their children and that nobody does anything to help ... She says that the whole world is silent and this is something we cannot understand.

A protester Spanish Miguel Angel, Deporras, rebel against the European Union and in particular against the High Representative, Catherine Ashton. He claims that the European Union tries to keep the same distance in relation to Israel and Palestine as if both were in the same plane when, in reality, the positions are very different.

In front of the Israeli Embassy several hundred pro-Israel demonstrators shouted words of support for the Jewish State.

Participants expressed support for Israel by the ongoing offensive in the Gaza Strip offensive which has caused the deaths of more than a thousand Palestinians and at least 46 Israelis.

"We see many manifestations of anti-Semitism. We heard cries of "death to the Jews" from the streets of Antwerp to South of Belgium; We cannot accept that, "says Simon Bretholz, a supporter of Israel.

On Sunday, Hamas movement and Israel started a humanitarian truce of 12:0 am I however would have been violated by both sides.

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