quarta-feira, 9 de julho de 2014

The Gaza Strip under Israeli pressure

Israel launched an air offensive on the Gaza Strip. There are at least nine wounded. The operation has targeted the Islamic militants of Hamas who are firing missiles against the Jewish State.

This Monday, Hamas intensified attacks against several towns in southern Israel. The Israelis guarantee that were fired dozens of projectiles while construction of the funerals of members of Hamas in Gaza. Israel says he is taking the necessary steps to protect yourself:

"We have forces on the ground. We have used all our defense mechanisms-the Iron Dome and the air force, to protect and safeguard the civilians of the State of Israel. We have about one million Israelis threatened by attacks, "said the spokesman for the Israeli defense forces.

The situation on the ground is increasingly complex, particularly after the murder of four young: three Israelis, who have been missing for several days, and a Palestinian, burned alive, allegedly by Israeli extremists. There is also the death of six Palestinians in the wake of a bombardment that led Hamas to swear revenge.

In Hebron, Hamas supporters protested against the attacks by Israel. Palestinian security forces dispersed protesters claiming that the demonstration was illegal.

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