quinta-feira, 10 de julho de 2014

Brasileiros de Blumenau hopes for Germany

A semi-final in Belo Horizonte that is for history and which is described by many as "a disgrace". "Five zero is a disgrace. We're not going to wait any longer. Five zero is embarrassed in a country that is the tradition of football! "says a Brazilian outside the stadium. "It was embarrassing, embarrassing. Congratulations to Germany, "adds another.

In the Santa Marta favela in Rio de Janeiro, suffered until the end. The rout in the country of a cleat was still more painful by Brazil be the host of Mundial2014. On Copacabana beach, little was the solace, before a series of riots that marked the evening. "I expected something like that. The Brazil's team ", throw a fan.

Still, there were Brazilians happy with exuberant victory of Germany. Was the case in the city of Blumenau in southern Brazil, which has the name of a German pharmacist who founded the city in 1850.

Today, 30 percent of 320 thousand inhabitants are descendants of Germans and to maintain certain traditions such as the Oktoberfest beer party.

"Of course we're going to win the title. A title really fat! ", throws a Brazilian twist by Germany. If this is the case, the Germans can rely on shindig of Brazilians of Blumenau.

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