sexta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2014

Gaza Strip: no signs of agreement between Israel and Hamas

Israel says it is prepared to extend the truce, but Hamas would be slow to respond.

As the term is running out, the Hebrew State moderates tom and shows more discreet:

The spokesman for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paul Hirschson, says that "we need to see how they can achieve two objectives: on the one hand the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip and on the other the reconstruction and the creation of a better life for the people of Gaza and to the relationship between the two peoples".

Barack Obama urged negotiators in Cairo to reach a deal and hinted to the Israeli Government that it is time to lift the blockade imposed on the Palestinian territory 2006.

Britain, France and Germany propose that security forces of the Palestinian Authority to resume control of the borders of the Gaza Strip, to prevent the construction of new tunnels by Hamas and allow the reopening of the crossing points towards Egypt.

The ceasefire ends this Friday morning.

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