sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2014

Islamic State: Yazidi Kurds forced to convert to Islam

A video, released by the Islamic State, shows what the terrorist group claims to be the conversion to Islam, hundreds of Yazidi Kurds.

This minority and Pacific people, ethnically close to the Kurds and follower of a religion oral older than Islam, has been one of the victims of an advancing Islamic State.

There are testimonies of the massacre of hundreds of Yazidi Kurds: shot or buried alive.

In the same video, one unidentified fighter of the Islamic State explains that the Yazidi Kurds were "advised and invited to convert to Islam", not only to "rescue from the fires of hell", but also because "if continued in the mountains would die of hunger and thirst, since the help of the international community â€" continues the fundamentalist-is a lie".

A help that arrived last week, the sky. The Iraqi Ministry of Defense has conducted a rescue operation on Mount Sinjar, where thousands of members of this minority have taken refuge.

Help arrives, too, this week to Erbil, brought by the UN. For 12 days, the planes will carry 2500 tons of aid to about 600 thousand people, all over the Iraq, were forced to leave their homes and find refuge in Kurdistan Autonomous lands.

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