quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2014

Obama interrupted his vacation in memory of James Foley

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, also interrupted his vacation in view of the fact that the terrorist in the video have a perfect British accent: "is something profoundly shocking, but we know that many British citizens have traveled to Iraq and Syria to be part of extremism and violence. We must redouble our efforts to prevent the departure of these people. "

James Foley's parents are deeply dismayed, but say that they are proud of the courage of her son and appeal for the release of other hostages.

"We knew it was Jim. Never even saw the video, "says his mother Diana Foley.

According to his father: "it's awful. People can die in many different ways, but this was the most terrible, and it haunts me. The pain it has undergone and the cruelty of this method of execution, compared to many others. It's something that bears witness to your courage. It was courageous until the end. "

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