domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014

Israel-Hamas: UN estimates that 400 thousand Palestinian children need psychological support

"Children are suffering from sleep disorders. For them, it's not easy to fall asleep alone, many begin to suffer from nightmares. Are very attached to the country, "says psychologist Hassan Zyada.

Shifta hospital, in Gaza, the brothers, Omar and Mohammed three years, with 18 months, are being accompanied by a children's therapist, who tries to boot them smiles and words.

Next to the family, Israeli bombs chased us, even in schools where they were refugees.

"During sleep, when I'm asleep, I see my destroyed House and start yelling. Then my mother wake me and tell me not to worry, "says the young Sultan Sundus.

Sundus is just one of 400 thousand children who the United Nations says they need psychological support. Some survived at least three Israeli military operations since 2006.

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