domingo, 24 de agosto de 2014

Kiev accuses Moscow of "invasion". NATO worried about the "alarming rise" of Russian forces along the border with the Ukraine

Kiev accuses Moscow of having launched a "invasion" to Ukraine. Statements of the head of the Ukrainian security services shortly after part of the so-called "humanitarian caravan" in Russia have entered without authorization in the East of the country, this Friday.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister considers that "all responsibility, after Russia had violated all international treaties and refused to cooperate with the Red Cross, falls only on the Russian Federation and personally about the Russian President," said Arseny Iatseniuk.

NATO criticized Russia for sending the caravan to the Ukraine without permission from Kiev. The Organization's Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen believes that the decision "will only aggravate the crisis in the region, which was established and is nurtured by Russia itself".

NATO claims it has assisted in the transfer of large amounts of weapons to the separatists in Eastern Ukraine and says he is the "observe an alarming increase of Russian air and ground forces in the vicinity of Ukraine".

Now Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations explained that the decision to send advance humanitarian "caravan" was due to the fact that "apparently there is no chain of command in Kiev, because they are given assurances at the highest level and, later, others do not give orders that are required at the border so that the police let the trucks go. That game could not continue forever, "said Vitaly Churkin.

Lithuania's request, the UN Security Council meets Friday to discuss the latest developments of the crisis in the East of Ukraine.

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