sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

Kiev accuses Russia of "direct" invasion of Ukraine but promises not to attack the "humanitarian" caravan

Kiev accuses Moscow of "direct invasion" of Ukraine after Russian trucks, allegedly with humanitarian aid, have begun to enter, without authorization, in Ukrainian territory, this Friday.

Ukrainian security services also claim they will not use force to halt the Caravan and expressed the desire to avoid any provocation.

The International Red Cross also reported that "the Russian aid convoy is moving into the Ukraine", but without the escort of organization that decided not to accompany the column because "the volatile security situation".

In a statement, the Kremlin justified the entry into Ukrainian territory from the trailer: "all pretexts for postponing the delivery of aid to areas in disaster situation are exhausted. The Russia decided to act. Our train, loaded with humanitarian aid headed for Lugansk ".

Second Kiev, about 90 of the near 300 trucks, they were a week ago along the border, began to enter Ukrainian territory, escorted by separatists pró-russos.

The Ukraine suspects that the Caravan can conceal military material intended for the separatists.

After four months of fighting in the Russian-speaking industrial region of Eastern Ukraine, the area faces a humanitarian crisis. They lack food, drinking water and medicines to the population.

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