segunda-feira, 25 de agosto de 2014

Merkel stresses importance of decentralization of power in Ukraine

Visiting Kiev, Angela Merkel spoke on the importance of greater decentralization in Ukraine. The German Chancellor stressed that it is important to achieve first peace through dialogue, but to keep the identity of each region of the country is fundamental:

"What we would call federalism in Germany should be called decentralization in Ukraine. That's exactly what the President wants and that I support. I think this is an important step towards greater inclusion of Russian-speaking population, "stressed the German Chancellor.

For its part, Petro Poroshenko spoke of the important role of Germany and, in particular, of Angela Merkel, on the way to the reconstruction of the country:

"We remember all of the Marshall plan that helped Europe after World War II. And today I can say that this is the beginning of a "Merkel Plan" for the reconstruction of infrastructures in the region of Donbass. And I am very grateful for that. "

The German Chancellor was the promoter of the establishment of a special fund of 500 million euros, which will be announced at a Conference of European Union donors in September, for the Ukraine, Donbass eastern city rebuild destroyed by war.

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