quarta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2014

Paris recalls Liberation Day of the nazi yoke

Paris recalled, tonight, the day of liberation from the nazi yoke city, there are seventy years, during World War II.

A ceremony held in front of the Town Hall of the city with the participation of the President of the Republic François Hollande and several Ministers, as well as veterans of the second world war.

Absent were the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, at a time when discussing the formation of a new Government after the dissolution of the Executive announced on Monday.

A show in front of the façade of the Town Hall recalled the day of the liberation of the city, at the hands of the nazis, the second armoured Division of general LeClerc.

After two days of fighting have killed more than 1,500 militiamen, the German Governor signed the surrender on April 25, a day before general de Gaulle, leader of the French forces and future President, be hailed in the streets of the city.

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