sábado, 16 de agosto de 2014

Russian humanitarian caravan avoids border controlled by Kiev

Meanwhile, the caravan of about 270 Russian trucks that left Moscow bound for Eastern Ukraine, is already within a few miles of the border from Ukraine. According to the newspaper The Telegraph, armed vehicles entered Ukrainian territory in the meantime border area controlled by rebels pró-russos.

By choosing this Ukrainian border area, Moscow seems to be to avoid the border in Karkiv, where more easily the trucks would be inspected by the Ukrainian authorities and the Red Cross.

The head of International Red Cross operations to Europe and Central Asia, Laurent Corbaz, arrived in Kiev on Thursday, to discuss with the Ukrainian authorities the delivery of goods by the Russian humanitarian mission.

However, the path of Lugansk, travel another caravan, with 800 tons of food and other essential goods, shipped from several Government-controlled cities of Kiev.

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