quarta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2014

Children from Kiev debate the war in back to school

Proud of the uniform they wear have in the mouth the future and the desire to grow to respond to threats that the country faces.

"This is for aesthetic reasons, it is my belt, and here are the medals. We have straps colonels, a different appearance, the uniform will be different. I want to be a general!

"I want to defend the country from the Russians. This is a great war. Many people were injured ".

The girls, in another school, exhibit in the hair the colors of the national flag and prepare "ravioli" for soldiers.

The first day of school revolves around the theme of war and the defense of the fatherland.

In this room the teacher is a military man, a soldier in the National Guard.

On black Board hanging on the wall reads "Motherland â€" is not somebody else, it's you".

Here are the cadets. Although the rank of general is still far away, they are ready to defend Ukraine.

Talk about the fighting in the East instead of the traditional introductory class, discuss and ask questions to a soldier who spent more than a month in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. Want to know if the sores have true colors.

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