sábado, 13 de setembro de 2014

Chile pays homage to Salvador Allende

In la Moneda Palace, seat of Government, the President Michelle Bachelet accompanied by Isabel Allende Socialist leader reminded us in the place where he committed suicide during the military coup.

In a speech, Bachelet spoke of pain and loss and courage of those who died in defence of democracy.

"The September 11 is synonymous with pain and loss for our entire society. Is the date that reminds us of terrible divisions among compatriots. It reminds us of what never want most, "said the Chilean President.

The coup d ' état of Augusto Pinochet opened the way for a bloody military dictatorship that ended in 1990 with thousands of people killed, tortured and disappeared.

On Monday an attack on the subway in Santiago caused 14 casualties and on the night before the anniversary of the coup there have been incidents in some parts of the capital.

Twenty-one people were detained and one woman died hours after being struck in the head by a bullet.

Santiago de Chile, 09 set (Lusa)-Chilean authorities raised, this Monday, to 14 the number of people injured, three of them seriously, following the bombing in an underground shopping center adjacent to a metro station in the capital.

Initially, the authorities informed of the existence of eight wounded, but after the number was revised upwards.

The authorship of the attack has not been claimed, though the investigations centered in search of testimonies and pictures of surveillance cameras.

The bombing occurred during the lunch hour on Monday in an area of the metro station military school where many restaurants are located.

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