sábado, 13 de setembro de 2014

Hollande visit Iraq on the eve of the Paris Conference

French President Francois Hollande traveled today to Iraq, to support the country's new Government, which takes office this Friday, in the fight against the Group Islamic State and deliver 15 tons of humanitarian aid in Kurdish territory.

Hollande met with President Fouad Massoum in Baghdad to discuss the strategy of combat against the Islamist group before hosting an International Conference on the subject in Paris on Monday.

"The Iraq faces an enemy, a terrorist group that has no borders, but has territorial interests, who wants to fight not only Iraq but all people who do not share a worldview based on terror," said Hollande.

The visit, which should proceed in Kurdish territory, in the city of Erbil, occurs at a time when France has expressed its support, "if necessary" to a military coalition to combat the Islamist group in Iraq and Syria in more than 10 countries.

Paris, London and Washington provide support to Kurdish forces already on the ground, in terms of air weapons and logistics assistance, but Hollande claimed to also cut funding to the Islamists, as well as the exodus of European fighters into the territory.

According to the CLA, the Islamic State count on an army of 31 thousand combatants, of which at least two thousand would be Westerners.

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