domingo, 28 de setembro de 2014

Ebola has already made 3000 victims

The epidemic of Ebola has killed more than 3000 people, according to the World Health Organization, which confirmed this number, out of a total of more than 6500 possible victims of this latest outbreak.

The International Monetary Fund promised an additional aid of 130 million dollars to the three countries most affected by the outbreak: Guinea-Konakry, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The lion's share of that money, 49 million, goes to Liberia, which is the country currently suffers more with the virus.

Help is joining the IMF's assistance programme for these three countries.

The Ebola outbreak caused leaks of nearly $ 100 million in the budgets of each of these three countries.

The World Bank also increased the aid to these countries, of 230 to 400 million dollars.

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