segunda-feira, 8 de setembro de 2014

France: far-right rallies against immigrants in Calais

The protest, which gathered about 300 people, front of the Town Hall of the city was marked by a counter-protest of militants of the extreme left, which forced the police to intervene to prevent clashes between the two camps.

The right-wing demonstration, authorized by the authorities and under the slogan, "Let's kick them out", occurs at a time when more than a thousand illegal immigrants finds himself on the outskirts of the city, waiting for an opportunity to cross the English channel.

Dozens of immigrants had already held another protest on Friday to complain of ill-treatment on the part of local police, after several camps have been evacuated by force by the authorities.

The situation has gone on for several years, since the French Government's decision to close the Sangatte refugee camp, which housed the flow of immigrants who try to reach the United Kingdom.

London has proposed today offer the port of Calais metal barriers used to protect the recent NATO Summit, stating that the current protections are ineffective to curb illegal immigration.

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