terça-feira, 16 de setembro de 2014

Iraqis welcome Paris Conference with some skepticism

As one would expect, the Paris meeting dominated the front pages of Iraqi newspapers Monday.

A resident of the capital says he hopes "that there is a real cooperation between the Government, security forces and the Alliance [international] and that the results are positive". And adds that it also expects the Alliance to be formed as soon as possible ".

Another question if "is the Iraq that will pay the cost of this operation, the aerial bombardments and mobilisation". He adds that, "among the issues that have not yet been answered by the Government", is whether "troops are coming from abroad or instructors to train the army" and says the Iraqi Executive must "clarify" them.

If the majority of the Iraqi people is in favour of the idea of halting the advance of the extremists in the Islamic State, many fear, too, re-watch the massive and prolonged presence of foreign troops in the country.

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